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NFR Testing should not be an afterthought

Our world is moving quickly and therefore, short time to market is more important than ever before. Everyone who is working in the software testing business is constantly challenged with reduction of testing time and shorter release sprints.

There are some who tend to cut quality assurance to the absolute minimum, and in some cases, the customers are assessing their products. I understand this trend to some extends but we need to keep in mind that our end user cannot test non-functional requirements.

While your end user community can conduct some functional tests, non-functional requirements must be verified in your test labor as early as possible in the lifecycle. Late detected performance or security faults would be expensive, result in frustrated user, or in worst cases, in critical outages or data loss.

However, make testing of non-functional requirements, namely, security and performance testing, part of your development pipeline. Also, NFR testing will reduce risks and gives you the opportunity proactively solve issues before they affect your user community.



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