Month: December 2016

Web 2.0 Application Performance Testing

Fat client applications have been widely replaced with rich browser-based, so-called Web2.0, applications. Those companies who have not followed this trend have already lost or are very likely to lose important customers in the future. […]

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Performance Testing in Production

Certainly, a realistic production test setting is not for free. Due to the high costs involved some companies skip real user load scenarios entirely while others simulate such load tests on production stage. In this post, I will share now advantages and also flipsides related to performance testing in production.

Do you know your Apps Single Point of Failures?

Based on my experience a high availability analysis (HA) will help you to identify weaknesses in your IT services. Conduct it regularly because small changes in your landscape can have an enormous impact on the […]

A Guide to verify High Availability Requirements

Our service portfolio is increasing, and frustrated users can nowadays quickly move away to more reliable sites. Besides this commercial aspect, downtimes can also result in serious problems with a regulatory agency. I’ll give you now some simple steps you can use right away to conduct a high availability analysis followed by another post how to identify single point failure risks in your critical services.

The Best Ways to Triage Performance Problems

Slow responding Apps can be very nasty and lead to unsatisfied users. Based on my experience performance analysis is no cake walk because applications complexity is increasing. You can easily get lost in a blind alley. I’ll give you three performance triage tips you can use right away.