Retailer such as Amazon set the user experience bar extremely high and it seems that this is one of their secret recipes. I am not a passioned Amazon shopper, but sometimes I buy technical stuff from their fantastic online shop. Independent whether I use my mobile, tablet or desktop computer, their websites load fast. Several clicks later I place my order, and within a few days, the new equipment arrives.

Performance is a vertical discipline

Maybe you are not in competition with those resellers, but in the past, they quickly adopted to new fields, and suddenly your former uniqueness may disappear. Once you are in direct competition, the available time to speed up your applications will be very short.

Responsive and reliable services require a holistic approach. Let’s assume that your developers did an excellent job and considered performance from day one in design decisions and your test teams simulated adequate multi-user tests on a close to a production environment. Several months after this app has been deployed into production your former responsive system sucks, and the blame game starts.

Your user becomes extremely frustrated. They avoid using your business application. Some of them raise tickets and talk hours with your support team about the slowness of this application. Business units escalate this topic through your upper management and the pressure on IT gets higher and higher. Daily war room sessions end without any outcome. There is a large proportion of try and error, but nobody can tackle the performance issue.

After a while, your teams identify gaps in the monitoring chain because they are not able to correlate their data lakes, and there is no data flow capturing solution in place. In fact, nobody has an idea concerning the interaction between the application components. This learning is essential because from this point on your teams understood two things. The first beeing that performance is a vertical discipline and the second being that they need a transaction monitoring solution which captures the flow across their application components 24 x 7.

Benefits of a performance first enterprise

Those businesses which consider performance from day one in their development pipeline save money. Often they learned this through an experience such as outlined above. However, they implement, test and operate their business applications with performance in mind. All parties agreed that ongoing analysis, optimization, and innovation is the best solution for reliable and responsive business applications. Due to this proactive thinking mentality war room sessions are no longer required.

There is no reason for endless firefighting. Besides short resolution times and excellent user experience, your teams will have more time for challenging tasks such as optimization and innovation. Make performance everyone’s matter is a comfortable way to have more fun at work.


Posted by JM

Resourceful, solution-focused and intuitive reliability engineer with over 15 years of demonstrated success in architecting, developing and maintaining effective testing and monitoring solutions. Offers a wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding modern application architecture and development of best practices.

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