Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2018 has been an exciting year. Bots, AI, cloud, container, and more groundbreaking technologies made our engineering lives much busier. Shift left was a big topic and many companies realized […]

How to create a performance testing pipeline

Moving fast from an initial design to production requires flexible concepts such as agile or scrum. This approach enables teams to release a new feature to production within a matter […]

The frustration of slow applications

Performance is not just a part of development—it’s also a component of design. That’s because the user experience and the usability of features both depend so much on response times. […]

Build outstanding performance requirements

Fast loading and well-designed applications are definitely the things that make customers happy with our services. For a customer  on the  way to convert to a buyer, every millisecond counts. […]

The holy grail of performance requirements

Powerful non-functional requirements definitely have a fundamental part to play in providing high-performing IT services. Sad, but true to say though, too many decision makers neglect this crucial aspect of […]

Getting started with SaaS based Monitoring

What is SaaS SaaS is an abbreviation of Software-as-a-service. It is a software distribution model, wherein the software providers host applications and makes them available over the internet to the […]

Temenos T24 TAFJ Performance Tuning

After two years of intensive load, performance and resilience testing we've crafted an excellent T24 tuning guide and moved our T24 TAFJ core banking system successfully to production.