T24 TAFJ core banking performance engineering approach

This book outlines a performance engineering approach and gives insights how to make performance engineering, testing and monitoring part of your value stream.


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The road to successful Application Performance Monitoring

This success story is about how, over a period of 8 years, we’ve integrated an APM platform into the daily work of QA, Ops and Dev. As several teams played a fundamental part here, I’d like to outline the various team roles, and then briefly describe some best practices and lessons learned.


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Monitoring of Money Remittance Services

Having operators who watch log files or check applications availability is an outdated model. This practice is error-prone because employees need breaks, don’t work 24/7 and minor issues can develop to a serious outage. Remittance businesses faced such challenges already years ago and nowadays they use monitoring robots which regularly check all layers of their applications stacks.

Their full-stack monitoring reflects geographical locations of their users,
their important services and their infrastructure.


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