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Category: Automation

Benchmarking with NodeJS

Why we need automated tests Imagine you are trying to benchmark your website and find out the full browser page load times of your start page when it is loaded […]

Testing in DevOps

DevOps is cutting the lines between production and software development. This modern approach to continuous delivery, integration, and deployment is the answer to quick time to market needs. Testing in […]

Load Testing Strategy for AJAX

Gone are those times of static websites and thanks to AJAX and other new concepts the interaction with web-based services are very natural nowadays. Content gets updated dynamically, and there […]

NFR Testing should not be an afterthought

Our world is moving quickly and therefore, short time to market is more important than ever before. Everyone who is working in the software testing business is constantly challenged with reduction of testing time and shorter release sprints

Myths and Reality behind Automation

New services are popping up overnight, and those who launch their products too late or in a poor quality often lose substantial market shares. Automation is a fundamental element in our fast construction cycles. Amazon,..