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Category: Monitoring

Full-stack performance analysis

Troubleshooting performance issues can sometimes be a tough nut to crack! The scenario: Customers are complaining about slow response times, and C-Level executives are increasing the pressure on their IT […]

Why every company needs a Performance Waymaker

We’re often too pushed for time to run many performance tests for our new application release. Chances are, there’s no time to review performance requirements, prepare and execute tests, or […]

Dreams and reality in performance testing

During my career I’ve seen many slow-loading and unreliable applications. All these projects had one thing in common—a disappointing user experience due to poor reliability or other issues. I’m sure […]

Effective performance-engineering tactics

Instead of being preoccupied  with the mechanics of performance for their services, the most successful IT leaders are free to focus on more important things instead. That’s because their teams have […]

Your winning performance-engineering strategy

Many companies now understand how, for their customers, performance is paramount. These companies know that the customer tolerance for slow apps is virtually zero. Nowadays, using Agile development methodologies to develop […]

How to create a performance testing pipeline

Moving fast from an initial design to production requires flexible concepts such as agile or scrum. This approach enables teams to release a new feature to production within a matter […]

The frustration of slow applications

Performance is not just a part of development—it’s also a component of design. That’s because the user experience and the usability of features both depend so much on response times. […]

Getting started with SaaS based Monitoring

What is SaaS SaaS is an abbreviation of Software-as-a-service. It is a software distribution model, wherein the software providers host applications and makes them available over the internet to the […]

Performance Test VS Monitoring

With the rise of mobile devices user experience has become more critical than ever before. We have the internet in our pocket, browse through our favorite sites multiple times a […]

Uncover the True Cause of Performance Incidents

We build beautiful applications, but they break in unpredictable ways. Uncovering the real cause of such deficiencies can be time-consuming and often results in one-way roads. Disasters such as the […]

Full Stack Monitoring @ Fin Tech

Regulatory agencies such as MAS or FINMA closely monitor how financial institutions build, test and operate their business-critical services. Within one hour after a critical service crashed the agencies have […]

Monitoring Oxymoron

In one of my recent performance engineering projects I had to deal with a strange monitoring Oxymoron. The issue resulted in a crash of this business application. My lesson learned […]