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Category: Security

Eliminate Security Issues from the Root

A massive proportion of our security issues are caused by Requirements which are incomplete Not enough knowledge on secure software design and implementation Increasing complexity Unknown interfaces and communication patterns […]

Performance and Security at the speed of DevOps

For many years application performance and security were an afterthought. Developer focused on implementation of new features. Tester executed functional tests and compared actual with expected results. Operational teams deployed […]

Tips for Secure Software Development

Privacy is one of our valuable goods and attackers around the world have started to take this sensitive information away. Research has shown that private data of more than 3 […]

Application Security Testing Cheat Sheet

Recent attacks against major players in Telecommunication and Financial Services industries have shown that security is still a topic we need to work on. For a long time companies have […]

Performance Engineering Recommended Reading

There are many useful blogs which provide good insights about best practices in our performance engineering, testing and optimization space. Feel free to use my collection of recommended readings for […]