NFR Testing should not be an afterthought

Our world is moving quickly and therefore, short time to market is more important than ever before. Everyone who is working in the software testing business is constantly challenged with reduction of testing time and shorter release sprints

Myths and Reality behind Automation

New services are popping up overnight, and those who launch their products too late or in a poor quality often lose substantial market shares.
Automation is a fundamental element in our fast construction cycles. Amazon,..

A Performance Engineer’s Toolbox

Low user experience often results in smaller revenue. Therefore, successful companies integrated performance engineering in their development chain. They verify non-functional requirements early in the application lifecycle and monitor performance also at production. This blog will outline tools and skills required for the former and the latter.

Why you should start with Application Security Testing

There are different ways to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business-critical information. Some of them result in high costs but don’t protect your sensitive information;

There are few things more frustrating than a slow application

Have you ever been affected by a slow loading or not responding application? According to recent studies a typical user is willing to wait up to 4 seconds and will often never return. Obviously, performance […]

Why you should combine Performance and Security Testing

Short turnaround cycles are more important than ever before.

New business requirements must be implemented within weeks to address upcoming trends and maximize return on investment quickly. While development time for such fast-line projects can hardly be shortened, test duration is typically reduced to the absolute minimum.

Pitfalls in Performance Engineering

For those hoping that reaching a satisfying user experience is a cake walk, there is the bad news, reliable and responsive applications are not for free. Those who have failed to consider certain principal activities […]

Meaningful Performance Requirements

Slow responding applications could be a nightmare.

Imagine that your customer sits next to you while you try to open his new account. You pressed the “Create Customer” button and expect that a few seconds later their account has been created. Surprisingly, after 60 seconds there is still no confirmation available and your Create Customer process seems to not respond. This is a very inconvenient situation because you will loose confidence of your new customer and in worst case you will start the whole process once again including the insertion of the customers details.

Web Page Performance Analysis

Responsive websites consist of much more than a well-sized backend and fast service response times….

Performance Issues by Design

In the past, performance issues were often solved using investment in infrastructure. In many cases this approach worked fine but those days are long gone. In our highly-distributed micro-services based IT landscape the biggest chunk […]