Protected: Do you know your Apps Single Point of Failures?

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A Guide to verify High Availability Requirements

Our service portfolio is increasing, and frustrated users can nowadays quickly move away to more reliable sites. Besides this commercial aspect, downtimes can also result in serious problems with a regulatory agency. I’ll give you now some simple steps you can use right away to conduct a high availability analysis followed by another post how to identify single point failure risks in your critical services.

Protected: The Best Ways to Triage Performance Problems

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The Best Ways to determine Load Patterns

During my career as a performance engineer, I worked in several performance testing exercises. You can imagine that I experienced all kinds of challenges regarding estimation and simulation of realistic load patterns. There are some pitfalls which you should avoid.

The 3 User Experience Antipatterns

The digital transformation is ongoing, and user experience will become more important than ever before. Obviously, there are many benefits of this development, but there are also flipsides. This post will outline typical user experience antipatterns.

Mobile performance excellence

ompanies are more and more investing in mobile applications because smartphones and tablets have become a fundamental element in our daily life. Those of use who use for instance apps to buy tickets agree that this is both, convenient and time preserving. But, what should we consider during development and operation of reliable Apps?

Lifecycle Performance Engineering

Mobile or web based applications are playing a vital role in our daily life. Checking emails, sending a message to our loved ones or purchasing something online, without reliable applications some of us would be […]

Application Security Antipatterns

Cybercrime is on the rise and in 3 of 4 security breaches, hackers target vulnerable applications instead of the backend infrastructures. However, this trend is surprising because the risk reduction is quite simple.

NFR Testing should not be an afterthought

Our world is moving quickly and therefore, short time to market is more important than ever before. Everyone who is working in the software testing business is constantly challenged with reduction of testing time and shorter release sprints

Myths and Reality behind Automation

New services are popping up overnight, and those who launch their products too late or in a poor quality often lose substantial market shares.
Automation is a fundamental element in our fast construction cycles. Amazon,..