Founded in 2017, Performetriks is a US-headquartered performance engineering and application security service provider with IT professionals located internationally. For over 18 years, our founders have been speeding up and improving application security of large and mid-sized companies in Insurance, Banking, Retail, e-Commerce and Government industries.

With the background rooted in IT Reliability, we build our legacy knowledge and grow in the area of Performance Engineering and Information Security, Workspace Analytics, Monitoring, and Training. As part of this journey, we partnered with Dotcom-Monitor, Lakesidesoftware and Checkmarx and more tech leaders to ensure that our clients will benefit from reliability and originality across solutions.

Consulting and technical competencies

  • Performance Engineering
  • Load and Performance Testing from concept to tuning
  • SaaS based Load and Performance Testing
  • SaaS based Web Performance Monitoring
  • Endpoint Monitoring
  • Windows Release Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Security Testing
  • Security Awareness
  • Performance Testing
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Security Training
  • Performance Engineering Training


Autor of this blog

Josef Mayrhofer, MAS IT Reliability, CEO of Performetriks

CV Josef Mayrhofer