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Tag: Performance

Full-stack performance analysis

Troubleshooting performance issues can sometimes be a tough nut to crack! The scenario: Customers are complaining about slow response times, and C-Level executives are increasing the pressure on their IT […]

Cucumber-based performance testing

Shifting performance testing to the left is certainly a hot topic these days. All major companies have either implemented this practice already or have huge test-improvement programs lined up. But […]

Rethink performance engineering

We often find ourselves busy with too many things at the same time. Living in this kind of multitasking mode not only affects our health, but also our daily work. […]

The Value of Performance and Security

What is the real value of rich applications developed with performance and security in mind and why do we often realize far too late that we have lost something important? […]

The 4 Ps of Performance Engineering

Recently, I have been asked for a brief description on how to achieve outstanding responsive and lightning speed loading applications. A detailed description of all the why and how won’t […]

Load Testing Strategy for AJAX

Gone are those times of static websites and thanks to AJAX and other new concepts the interaction with web-based services are very natural nowadays. Content gets updated dynamically, and there […]